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Swap photos & videos with people you know

Meet Trueli

Bring memories to life

Trueli is your digital memory assistant! It automatically gathers and arranges your photos and videos into easy-to-share albums of memories. When you and your friends use Trueli, you instantly get their photos and videos without the need to request them.

Trueli - exchanges photos and videos with your people instantly!

Trueli is for people who want to exchange content with each other in private. It's not social media and doesn't use your photos or your data to sell you anything. It's for curators of memories. It's for people who love to connect on a human level with the life they live and the people in it. Use it to share special moments, discover moments that make you nostalgic and to reconnect with your people in a meaningful way. 

“Our phone galleries are where our memories go to die, buried amongst memes, screenshots and other digital clutter. Trueli is here to change all that and transform the way we capture, celebrate, and connect through our shared experiences ...”

Oleg Golynker - Founder & CEO

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