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Image by Emilio Garcia

Bringing memories to life...

About Us

We are a diverse team of engineers, UX designers, data-scientists and product managers spread across Israel, Ukraine, and London. What drives us is the common belief that people want and need to be able to engage with the moments that make life special in order to feel connected and alive and we are building a product that will lay the foundation for the way memories are made.

Our story


Trueli's mission is to bring people's memories to life by providing an intuitive, powerful platform that effortlessly organizes, enhances, and shares your digital moments with your loved ones. We aim to transform scattered moments you capture into vibrant, accessible life-stories that connect and resonate with individuals and their communities, ensuring that no important moment is ever lost or forgotten.


To empower our users to live in the moment and enjoy their time with friends and family while securing and sharing their digital memories with ease, using a platform that they trust and love.

We are Trueli and we are on a mission to bring memories to life.

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