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Community Guidelines

Effective Date:January 2024

This Community Guidelines Document outlines terms of use that you agree to when you use the Trueli App. It contains information on how best to use Trueli when sharing content with other people on the app.

Terms of Use

Trueli is an app for everyone. We value individuals who create and share memories with us, and we take pride in providing a platform that empowers users like you to share your moments and memories with others on the app. We are committed to making and keeping Trueli a safe and secure place for everyone, and we encourage our users to exhibit behaviour that supports this.

Our Community Guidelines are intended to ensure the safe use of our services for all users and must be taken seriously. They are an integral part of our Privacy Policy of Trueli.

The Community Guidelines, outlined below, serve as guidelines for respecting other people while using our service and sharing content.

We strongly recommend that you read and adhere to these guidelines when sharing content or interacting with others on our app.

Guidance when sharing content on Trueli
  • Bullying and Abusive Content: Avoid sharing content that bullies, abuses, or harasses others, whether users or non-users.

  • Child Sexual Exploitation: Strictly forbidden; Trueli has zero tolerance for any content promoting or containing child sexual exploitation.

  • Hateful Content: Refrain from sharing content that expresses hatred towards individuals or organisations.

  • Illegal Activity: Do not share content that promotes or engages in illegal activities.

  • Intellectual Property: Respect others' intellectual property; do not share content that violates it.

  • Non-Consensual Nudity: Strictly forbidden; Trueli has zero tolerance for any content promoting or containing non-consensual nudity.

  • Non-Public Personal Information: Obtain consent before sharing others' nonpublic personal information.

  • Suicide and Self-Harm: Avoid sharing content that promotes, encourages, or glorifies suicide or self-harm.

  • Violent Content: Do not share content that threatens, incites, glorifies, or expresses a desire for violence or harm.

How to Report Infractions to the Community Guidelines

You can report any violation by emailing us at The Trueli Support Team will review the report and reply if necessary. We may use your contact information, including your Trueli name, real name, and email address, to get in touch with you. We recommend including screenshots of the content or account in question as part of your email for a thorough evaluation.


What Happens After You Make a Report

Any behavior, activity, or content contrary to the Terms of Use may be sanctioned at our discretion, either temporarily or permanently. We reserve the right to verify compliance with the Terms of Use, and our decision on whether a violation has occurred is final. If you believe a decision has been unfairly made against you, you can contest it by contacting us at and citing your case.

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