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Oleg Golynker - Building Trueli while bringing memories to life

"If technology can scatter our digital memories, it can also help us reclaim them..."

Oleg Golynker Founder and CEO Trueli

Trueli is solving the "Missing Moments" Problem says Oleg Golynker

As years of smartphone photos and videos have piled up, I found myself drowning in endless digital clutter. This disconnected me from the moments I lived and the people I lived them with.

As an engineer, I envisioned an integrated solution that could help organize and share life moments amongst friends and family.

But it needed to offer more depth than typical social sharing apps that often reduce life to likes or clutters up your phone with countless memes.

If I’ve learned one thing from past startups, it’s to build what people need. Turns out millions of people have the same issue I did and the future of Trueli is being written as we speak...

With Trueli, we aim to help people conquer the digital chaos of their lives - capture the present while living it, organize the past and even visualise their best futures 😉 (who knows)!

Essentially we are on a mission to bring peoples memories to life - Oleg Golynker.

LA Weekly recently covered my entrepreneurial journey. Read it here


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