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Is the constant sharing of photos ruining our ability to experience memorable moments?

As we navigate through 2024, a staggering 12.4 trillion photos will have been taken in the world, reflecting our constant urge to capture moments. Is photo sharing fatigue beginning to set in?

With 6.5 billion smartphones now in our hands, it's no surprise that 95% of images originate from mobile devices.

This year alone, we're on track to snap 1.81 trillion photos, marking an annual increase of 10-14% year on year.

Girl feeling overwhelmed with the amount of photos she is receiving from friends
Photo Fatigue - Is it beginning to overwhelm us and bury our memories in our phone galleries.

The impact this is having on our lives

This incessant growth of content captured and exchanged is not just a matter for storage space companies to solve; it's reshaping our digital experiences, turning the joy of discovering, capturing, and receiving memorable moments from friends and family into a relentless accumulation of content, and making what was once a pleasurable task into a worse experience than ever before.

The consequence? Lost moments, endless scrolling to find that perfect photo to send to someone who asked for it days ago, and, most importantly, the feeling that we are now drowning in a sea of digital excess, with the very tools that once helped us capture and relive our experiences, now overwhelming us.

It's clear that AI has a part to play in not only organising our media but also in how we share memorable moments with each other. We need intelligent solutions to manage our growing connections and networks, memory collections, and life events that we share. AI can do this in a responsible and safe way with minimal loss of privacy.

New solutions for modern problems

Trueli is focused on solving the missing moments problem for people. Our solution curates, organises, and adds meaning and social context to collections of photos and videos, organising them into instantly shareable collections of memories – it's about times, places, and people.

This approach ensures that photos and videos stay accessible and are not only organised but also enriched with meaning, ready to be shared and exchanged with friends and family.


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