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Trueli - Helping people regain control over their cherished moments

Back in the 2010s WhatsApp reimagined how cross-platform and cost effective daily communication works. It was ground breaking and since then it has become the default messaging app for millions of people across the world. Similarly Trueli is now reimagining how the sharing of memories works in the overwhelming world of digital clutter in the 2020s.

Woman looking at the amount of photos in her gallery feeling overwhelmed
Trueli - Organises photos into digital collections automatically

With 57,000 new photos being taken worldwide every second, people are drowning in their digital clutter and more often than not their memories get lost in their phone galleries and chat apps.

Trueli is the answer and is being built with the sole purpose of helping people rediscover past moments, preventing them from being buried in digital noise while ensuring seamless sharing of new memories between event participants as they happen.

It does this through it's Memory Mesh technology which is powered by AI/ML . It helps people crowd source, curate and organize photos and videos taken at social events they attend into a private feed of memories in real-time. No more awkwardly asking multiple people to text or post their best shots for you to download and organize. It's a game changer.

In the end, Trueli solves today's dual dilemma around memories - rescuing those once meaningful events, photos and videos fading into the digital abyss while effortlessly gathering and sharing new moments with those who matter.

Reclaiming past nostalgia and connecting present memories - that is Trueli’s purpose.

Learn more about how Trueli is Taming the photo tsunami and helping people regain control over life’s cherished moments.


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